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Frequently asked questions on lifts and lift components

What is a BoB lift control?

The Bob controller is a fully-fledged electronic lift controller that is suitable for 8 stops with 2 buttons or 12 stops with 1 button.

The BoB control is suitable for both hydraulic lifts and traction lifts and can work with any frequency controller, which must ensure that the lift departs smoothly and comes to a halt without jerks with a stop difference of 1 mm.

Of course, the BoB lift controller comes with approval from a TUV organisation and complies with Standard EN81 1-2 and with EN81-20/50.

For which installation is it suitable?
MRL (Machine room less installation) possibility in basic control of 2 door drives for lifts with cross-corner access or a lift with through-loading. Control can also be used for buildings with short stops. Speeds of up to 2.5 m/sec are possible.
BoB lift control can be switched to achieve Energy Label A.
BoB control can also be switched in duplex 2 lifts ( meaning that the lift comes to the call of a floor with shortest possible trip time).
BoB control can be extended to 16 stops or 24 stops.