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Air purifier for lifts (stand alone)

Regeneratieve unit

Control the cabin environment and protect health

It is now, more than ever, important to take strict hygiene precautions in order to protect health. We present a solution to ensure the passengers health is protected inside the cabin at all times. The air purifier for lifts is a two phase technology using molecular technology and UV light to disinfect the cabin and provide the cabin with clean, purified air. 

The sensor

Motion recognition technology will automatically start the purification process as soon as a passenger enters the cabin. When the passenger leaves the cabin the delayed shutdown function will continue to disinfect for a certain period of time to ensure that the lift is completely disinfected before the next passenger enters the cabin. 

Corona proof lift cabin control

handsfree liftkooi bediening

Specially developed in this Covid-19 crisis, so that the lift can be operated without using your hands. The handsfree lift cabin control works by means of foot pedals that are placed against the cabin wall. Due to the minimal thickness, the foot pedals are no obstacle in your lift. The starting point is that practically anyone can use the foot pedals without having to use expensive electrics.  

The design consists of an aluminium plate with the foot pedals (switches) mounted on it. Each foot pedal is 100 mm wide and 200 mm high. After operation, a red LED will light up. No wires are visible after mounting. The switches are electrically connected in parallel to the existing push buttons.  

Power saving for traction lifts

Regeneratieve unit

Power saving for traction lifts by means of a regenerative braking package. 

The regenerative braking package is a smart and efficient alternative to dynamic braking for elevator drives with a lot of regenerative motor action. Suitable for both regenerative individual drives and converter drive systems and returns excess braking energy to the utility grid instead of converting it to heat. By replacing the brake resistor, 10-40% energy savings can be obtained, depending on the number of lift movements. 

NEW: Escalator handrail virus cleaner unit update

roltrap leuningband virus reiniger unit

We would like to share the following update with you: we were planning to introduce a virus cleaner stand-alone unit on the market (even already on stock). But first we submitted details and paperwork of the unit to Liftinstituut B.V. for examination. However, Liftinstituut raised objections to this stand-alone type, it concerned the finger safety that was not in order. After this objection, we, as Vario Lift B.V., have decided NOT to put the product in question on the market, because safety is our top priority. During the conversation with Liftinstituut, it also emerged that if a virus cleaner were built into the escalator, there would be no objections whatsoever.

For the above reason, we  bring the following virus cleaner onto the market that does comply with the EN 115-1 standard:

New: escalator handrail belt virus and bacteria cleaner unit, suitable for most known escalators and moving walks with handrail belts with a width between 70-88 mm and a thickness between 25-35 mm.

This unit also destroys the DNA and RNA of a virus such as COVID-19 and kills 99.9% of the bacteria that are on the escalator's handrail belt.

Special offer: If you order in July 2020, you will receive a 10% discount on the virus cleaner unit; our article number: 165001.

Gearless Retrofit Smart W140

Gearless Retrofit Smart

De Gearless Retrofit Smart W140 is a modernization kit that replaces the Schindler 140 Gearless. This modernization kit uses the same cable diameters as Schindler: 6x8 mm.

Also the pulley has the same dimensions: 320 mm.

In addition a motorbed is supplied on which the Gearless can be mounted. Because of this the modernization kit fits at the exact spot as the old Gearless.  



Axial Flux frequency inverter

Axial Flux frequentieregelaar

The AXIAL FLUX frequency inverter, manufactured by Magnetek, used especially for the conversion of Greenstar lifts. And with this perfect driving characteristics can be achieved. In addition, the AXIAL FLUX frequency inverter can supply 2.5x nominal current as a standard.

In addition to the frequency inverter, an encoder is also required.

Lift controllers

Foto 1 Besturingen

For years Vario Lift B.V. produces custom lift controllers for the lift industry. We produce lift controllers for traction- and hydraulic lifts and also for MRL installations.

Depending on the demand, we make a control in old relay technology or with a microprocessor that is mounted on an electronic circuit board. This PCB, called BoB, can handle most common control types. Such as: one-button and two-button collective controllers, simplex, duplex traction or hydraulic.  

Corona COVID-19 update

The corona virus COVID-19 keeps everyone busy. We can inform you that both our office and our warehouse are open. We keep a close eye on developments regarding the coronavirus and follow the guidelines of the Dutch health offices. The health of our visitors and employees is paramount.


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